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we stay together

Sometimes, the laid back weekends, doing nothing but having fun at home turn into the best ones ever! 

I love my life. I love living. I love my family, friends. And I love adventures.

Ever since middle school,  I would document days, events, and vacations into scrapbooks. To always be able to look back at the pictures that made me the happiest. 

As years went on, my scrapbooking addiction (yes, I will admit it) slowly came to an end.

I still have all these wonderful memories. In my mind and stored away in a dusty closet.  

It was probably after facebook "albums" and wedding planning where I really put scrap booking to rest. 

Flash forward to 2018, thanks to technology, I can still "scrapbook" and that's what led me to blogging 

I think how much time, money and energy I'm saving myself.

The drives back and forth to Michaels. The hundreds of dollars that I spent on paper, stickers, glue and printed pictures. The hoarding of materials that I don't know what to do with! And the time I have back from prepping and cleaning up my mess! 

Thank heaven because I would rather spend my extra time with my family than sitting in a room alone. 

So here I am, still documenting my days, weeks, years.

I may not be the most artistic, I need practive on creativity. And I'm not the best photographer.

But what I am is passionate about my work and truly enjoy doing it; and I am forever grateful for the support from friends and framily after opening up my photography business. 

I am so glad you're here - through this journey with me.