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San Francisco 2017

Time is flying!! It's been two months since we went away for my husband's 30th birthday. 

I'm sharing with you all the details of our time in San Francisco. 

Do you ever think to yourself - "I love this person so much, they do so much and deserve the world." I always think this way about my husband.  

I had the thought for a while to plan something really exciting for my Mike's birthday and get some much needed time alone together - but didn't know exactly what to plan.

I started stalking Google flights for the best airfare deals. I ended up expanding my search and looked up the Raiders Football schedule. The team was playing at home the weekend before Mike's birthday. I immediately called my Dad and shared with him my idea to get a second opinion and he was totally onboard! In-fact, my Dad's exact words were 

"He deserves it!"

I made the plans in September, when Mike was away on business. 

So now your probably wondering. "How did you end up telling him?"  

It wasn't until we were on our way to the airport THAT MORNING. 

... but he had the "idea"...

We arrived in San Fran and had to kill some time before checking into the hotel. We stopped for some breakfast at the Daily Grill, a restaurant across the street from our hotel.

We checked into our hipster (AWESOME) hotel,  then walked around Union Square before making our way to find Uncle Jesse at Alamo Square.

♫  ♫ Everywhere you look, everywhere you go 

There's a heart (There's a heart), a hand to hold onto. 

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go 

There's a place, of Somebody who needs you 

Everywhere you look.

When you're lost out there and you're all alone, 

A light is waiting to carry you home. 

Everywhere you look. Everywhere you look. 

(Chip-a-dee-ba-ba-dow) ♫ ♫

FINALLY it was time for some OYSTERS. (you'll be seeing a lot of this)