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Quincy's First Birthday

Happy Birthday to our fun, energetic, sweet Quinny boy! 

We're so glad we found you! 

It was around this time last year we were looking for our family pet. Just kidding, it started many years ago. 

Whenever I sent my husband a picture of a dog and he responded with "nice" I would automatically submit my application to the shelter.

We received rejection after rejection "because we have an infant", and it broke my heart.

If any home is perfect for a pet - it's ours.

At that point, I had enough with shelters and found a reputable breeder in NJ.  

Before we dive in - some background. Quincy is the third sheltie of our family.

There was Scott in the late 80's. Then Freedom in early 00's and now Quincy! 

Flash forward to last May, "Anthony" was the last puppy available. 

We went down to visit him and he had our heart from the first second he chewed on our shoe laces. 

So, how did you come up with the name "Quincy" you ask?

Since my previous sheltie was named "Freedom" (born right after 9/11), we wanted to keep a patriotic name. 

We we're thinking Justice, but we liked Quincy better, after president John Quincy Adams.

On May 21, 2017 Quincy came home with us!

The potty training began, he slept in his crate every night in our kitchen, away from the bedrooms.

Despite our fenced in yard, every time we took him outside it was on a leash. We wanted him to know outside meant business. 

Within a couple of weeks, he was officially potty trained! 

We then graduated Quincy to our bedroom to sleep in his dog bed on the floor. Bringing a pet into your bed can lead to attachment issues so this is something we wanted to avoid.

He gets along SO well with other dogs and of course EMMALYN! <3

I will be honest, at first he loved chewing on Emmalyn's feet and hands..who wouldn't?! Quincy quickly learned that no means no.

Neighbor dogs Myla and Cohl LOVE their cousin Quincy. Whenever we let Quincy outside he runs right to the the fence to look for them.

There is still a little confusion over who's toys are who's - and who's food is who's!!

(YES, Emmalyn takes handfuls of his food and tries to eat it!! Too funny, we always catch her before any food gets in.)

Emmalyn and Quincy are inseparable. He is always looking out for her and he knows when she's sick and wants to sleep in her room next to her crib. <3 

If you're still on the fence about adding a pet to your home, these pictures/videos should help! 

Let me know if they did in the comments! xo, Meaghan

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