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Portland, Maine

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Hello birthday week, I'm so glad you're here... because that means my surprise vacation is too!

A couple months before my birthday, I asked Michael (my husband) when I should use my personal days.. he said "take a couple days around your birthday", so i did! He later told me we were going somewhere but wouldn't share where. I was asking reasonable questions like:

What do I pack?

What is the weather like?

Are we flying or driving? (very important to know when packing!)

I'm not sure what I did to deserve such a nice gift from my husband. This vacation was so thoughtful. Michael is such a caring, supportive, selfless man that I am forever grateful for. He is a gift in itself.

It was time to head out. We packed the car, dropped my cousin Melissa off at the airport to head home to California (yes, another surprise from my husband) and got on the road, Michael, Emmalyn and I.

I found out my best friend was supposed to join us, but she had a medical emergency and was unable to come.

Google maps was activated and hidden from my view.

Driving north, I had a few places in mind (Newport, Portland, Finger Lakes)

It wasn't long before I knew it was indeed Portland as we drove through CT, MA and NH.

We arrived at 10pm at our AirBnB. It was lovely. The host, Tom, greeted us at the door with wine, Allagash beer and some cheese to enjoy during our stay. We unpacked and rested up for the fun days ahead.

Sleeping in may have been the best part of this trip. We didn't have to worry about an itinerary. It was relaxing and I enjoyed my coffee in the comfortable living room each morning.

We started my BIRTHDAY off at Dutch's, a quick service (but good) breakfast spot that we passed on our way to the center of town. We ordered the Portland Breakfast and The Burrito.

Making our way to Old Port, we did a little sightseeing by the water. Emmalyn wound up falling asleep, so we made a pit stop at Ship Yard Brewery. We each got a beer flight and let Emmy get her rest.

Afterwards, we did some window shopping. Of course, the children's boutique LITTLE caught my eye and I purchased a few things for Emmalyn. She was awake at this point and fully enjoyed this store just as much as me. (highly recommended if you know or have babies!)