nj photographer: ellina in brooklyn

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take on a lifestyle photoshoot in Brooklyn, NY.

When I woke up the morning of the session - it was a bit cold with on and off rain.

I thought to myself "is this really going to happen?"

I received a text from my client and she was ready to go!

The photoshoot took place in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

After meeting Ellina, I knew the photoshoot was going to turn out great.

We collaborated so well together and she was so comfortable during the session.

Let's face it; I knew she was a down to earth girl when the weather didn't phase her.

We're thinking the same thing right? I mean, I can't leave the house with the thought of my hair frizzing.

Nothing is stopping Ellina from reaching her goals.

Before I give a small recap on how the photoshoot went, I'd like to share with you a few things that I heard about Ellina.

- Born in Belarus, Resides in Jersey City

- She is driven by positive energy; she just submitted her thesis in positive psychology; about how psychological capital (hope, optimism, efficacy and resilience) impacts performance.

- Her favorite accessory is her smile.

- She loves adventure + will be heading to Colombia next!

We planned to start out at a bright + airy cafe, but it was way to crowded. Hello people, shouldn't you be having breakfast in bed or something?

Since plan a didn't work out - plan B, a restaurant across the street worked out (even better).

I finally had a sip of my first coffee of the day + was ready to shoot.

Ellina was a little adventurous and ordered a smoked mojito at Aurora.

Afterwards, we went to succulent heaven.

If you didn't believe me about Ellina braving the weather, I have evidence.

With a couple sets t ago - we made our way to the beautiful Williamsburg Hotel + had our second brunch at the hotel's cafe: Harvey.

All good things must come to an end... as I prep for my next shoot - I hope I come across one like this again.

You can find Ellina here.

Follow her to stay up to date on all her adventures, inspiration + motivation.

xo, Meaghan

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