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Naples, Florida

A week of non-stop family time? Yes PLEASE!

Traveling with a toddler can be tough - but Emmalyn is pretty good about it. I guess she's taking after her Mom + Dad's love of travel!

She has flown at 6 months, 11 months and now 1.5 years.

Each trip was different - but here is our secret to getting through the flight: FOOD + BOOKS. I made Trader Joe's Banana Bread and brought it on the plane. She loved it! Grandma and Grandpa of course had some goodies, too!

Most of Emmy's outfits we're from summer 2017 - so glad I was able to get use of them one last time.

She got her bathing suits for Christmas in 2016 (she was 3 months old) and finally fit into them! Let's hope we can get through the summer now. :)

All of her outfits were mainly from GAP, Old Navy, Nordstrom & Janie + Jack.

We rented an airbnb for a feel at-home vacation. It was so nice to escape the cold (and biggest snowstorm of the winter), relax and be with each other. The agenda was simple: beach, pool, and dance-offs (and I was totally fine with that).

Nap-time was still on the daily schedule but we learned that Emmalyn does NOT like them on vacation, but luckily she does tolerate the down time.

Emmy also has a love/hate relationship with the beach. Who knew? We ended the summer season with her loving to crawl in the sand and sitting along the Atlantic Coast. (You'll see from pictures - that she wanted no part of the beach - until we got her water shoes. They made ALL the difference). She is, however, a fish when it comes to the pool! It's funny you see...because last year she wanted no part of them.

Dance class + water lessons are sure in her future!

Emmalyn loved her time with us so much that returning to daycare was a tough adjustment. She was hugging Daddy's leg at drop off which never happens (and oh so sad!).

Where is your favorite family vacation destination? Let me know in the comments so we can start planning our next one!

xo, Meaghan