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men's must have body warmer

Out of all our travels to do ... my husband's favorite city is hands down Amsterdam.

His favorite clothing line, Scotch & Soda is also from Amsterdam. Ofcourse he would be in love with the style!

Truthfully, he isn't much of a shopper.

You can often find him sitting at the nearest chair by the entrance to home goods. Or he'll wander off to find the shoe section of Bloomingdales. I guess you can say there aren't his favorite and he'd rather read up on Bitcoin than watch me shift through clothes.

Get him near a Scotch & Soda and his take on shopping does a 360.

This past December we went to San Francisco (a post about that later) and our hotel happened to be right around a Scotch & Soda. No, this wasn't intentional.

Browsing their Union Square store - we noticed a lot of the merchandise was different and he fell in love with this cozy warm 'body warmer' also know as a 'vest'.

If you've ever been to San Fran - you'll know that the wind in the bay area can bring in some chilliness.

This vest was perfect for my husband to keep warm - even when we were right on the water.

He wore it everyday through the duration of our stay in SF - and still continues to wear it home in chilly NJ. It's on sale now! Get it here.

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