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gratitude with ellina

Sunday, April 8th, I had my second shoot of 2018 with Ellina.

After our first session together - she shared with me her mindset through health, mindfulness + gratitude. She took the time and efforts to ensure everything was streamlined properly and launched her first project on March 27th, Gratitude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Ellina's mission:

"Gratitude is a powerful practice that has proven benefits to the well being of the physical bod and the mind. The mission of this challenge was to hold myself and other accountable to stop and appreciate what we have in life, even on the busiest (and maybe not the greatest) days. - Ellina

How It Works:

Every morning at promptly 6AM Tuesday - Thursday participants were greeted with an e-mail in their inbox from Ellina with 3 things she is grateful for. Participants were prompted to respond with 3 things they were grateful for. In the end, one participant was selected to win a hand picked crystal tailored to that person's unique goals to keep the high energy flowing. ​

Don't we all need a little pick-me-up mid-week?

I was one of the participants. And I have to say, waking up each day thinking of what you are grateful for really put a different perspective on my day. Ellina looked forward to the responses from all her participants so much - that she wrote back to everyone regardless of the time of day (Sorry Ellina)

After the challenge was over, Ellina shared a recap.

The most commonly shared answers from her challenge were:

  • People: Parents, children, husband, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, coworkers and friends. The common thread here was love, support and happiness.

  • Careers: Some people were grateful that business was booming, some were excited to do something they were passionate about. Others took a step back to appreciate that although they are not in a job they are particularly excited about every day, they are grateful to have a job that allows them to do the things they are passionate about outside of work.

  • Faith

  • Cars: People seemed to be skeptical to show gratitude for something materialistic, but were proud and grateful for their cars to help them do the things they loved. By the way, it is important to be grateful for materialistic things, too!

A few unique answers were:

  • The Sky!

  • The advances in medicine that we have today"

  • "YouTube"

So, let's keep this going. What are you grateful for today? Let me know in the comments.

Follow Ellina here, where she shares mindfulness almost everyday!

xo, Meaghan