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NJ Portrait Photographer | COVID-19 Game Delay | First Birthday

Our sweet Everett James turns ONE! Not many of us can say we had a quarantine birthday - better yet - a very FIRST birthday that was, well, celebrated from a distance.

fun facts about Everett

Everett has such a great personality. He's always happy, loves everyone, obsessed with baths. If he's not the one taking a bath he WILL try to dive in; in fact, we've even caught him hanging out in the bathtub by himself after he crawled his way to the bathroom. He started walking days before turning one- an entire 3 months earlier than Emmalyn did. But he still fits in 6/9 month clothes at 12 months when his sister was in 2T at 1 years old! It's amazing how different they are, yet so alike! Everett has gorgeous bright blue eyes and blonde hair. It's amazing how blue they are considering neither of his parents have blue eyes.

He has 6 teeth, waves hello and goodbye, reaches for the sky because he's "so big!". He can say Mama, Dada and Emma.

He loves his whole family, but loves his big sis Emmalyn the most. He also loves bath time and splashing as well as exploring the world on walks.

Dislikes: When his nose is wiped or when people eat in front of him and aren't immediately sharing.

Favorite Song: Toosie Slide by Drake

Favorite Book: Spot

Stats: TBD

the cake smash

It was nice to see everything come together under the circumstance that I was only able to do online shopping for the props. Some things I already had purchased for his birthday party like the coca-cola bottles, cracker jacks and baseballs to dress up the dessert/snack tables.

Sara at Room for Dessert made the Pinterest inspired smash cake! Sara is local and her cakes are decorated so nicely! Visit the link to see her portfolio instagram page!

the parade

I love capturing the milestones of my children and we had a pretty epic baseball themed first birthday party planned for Everett. Since it didn't happen, *GAME DELAY*, our friends and family surprised us (Everett, Emmalyn and I) with a car parade instead.

Saturday April 25th was the scheduled day of Everett's birthday party. I wanted to take a long walk with the family to get my mind off of the canceled party. I packed waters and snacks in the stroller. Before our walk, my husband Mike said "I'm going to shower." I said "me too". I did my hair and make up - actually felt a little alive that day. In the back of his mind he's thinking "why is she doing her make up!?" "does she know??" Without a mention he was trying to delay the walk because I was ready too early.

Brushing Emmalyn's hair in the living room, I noticed a blue blob outside my window. Is someone here dropping off a gift; I think to myself... It was my cousin Brielle tying a number 1 balloon to our front porch. *still no clue a car parade is actually happening*

We make our way outside and I'm walking slowly waiting for Mike - who went back inside to ... stall me ..

And so it begins... the BEEPING starts.... Mike comes outside to watch the car parade with us and.I was in complete shock. I wanted to video - take pictures - but I wanted to be in the moment at the same time!