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emmy's first sleigh ride!

The year of firsts aren't quite over yet...

today Emmalyn got out in the snow for the FIRST TIME!

This morning began magical... I knew it was going to be a good day. It was finally time to get her out in the snow... but she doesn't even have a snow suit!

Making a trip to Burlington Coat Factory + Macy's... they were SOLD OUT!

Luckily Babies R Us had a few!

Emmalyn got her sleigh last Christmas, at 3 months old!

My Mom kept saying all winter "Did you go sleigh riding yet?" No Mom... maybe next year!

Cousin Brielle came along for the fun.

Emmalyn kinda-sorta liked it; and these pictures show just that.

Here's to more snow this winter for days like this!


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