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Besties Maternity

Do you have a best friend from say, Kindergarten? Not many do...

Meet Gina + Deanne.

Besties since the 90's.

They graduated high school together, as best friends. Attended Rutgers University, and continued to stay best friends. They stood by each other’s side as they each said I DO to their soulmates.

Now, they have gone through their entire pregnancy...together, as best friends, ready to raise future best friends!

When Gina + Deanne approached me to photograph their maternity session months ago I was ecstatic to have the chance to capture that moment.

I am so happy for them and their little bundles of joy. It's been so fun watching their bellies grow, seeing them in matching shirts for every holiday, and showering them with the love they deserve.

They are glowing and happy as can be, these pictures prove just that.

Gina had her baby boy mid June and soon Deanne's baby will be here (and we’ll finally find out boy or girl!), too!

xo, Meaghan